Thursday, February 25, 2016

Build your impressions with differently made hand block printed fabrics.

Printing the texts, patterns and designs all through a fabric with the help of the wooden hand carved block is a distinguished art. The Hand Block Printed fabric does not only forms the craze in the locals and the Indians, but also in the people residing outside India.
The best part of the hand block print fabric is that it does not only come as a dress material. The exquisite designer drapes are also available. Other than the clothing, it is the interiors that offers an immense scope to the block prints and the fabrics.
The curtains and the shamianas or the tents,especially in the Rajasthani Hotels are chosen with the designs and prints of the hand block fabrics. The wood block printing method on the fabrics remains very common method in the East Asia.
The wooden block for the hand block print fabric by yard, is prepared with utter care. The areas which are to be shown white are cut away with a knife, chisel, or sandpaper and the image or the character will show in black on the surface.
If you like a wooden block hand printed fabric in the multiple colors, you ought to use the different wooden block for each different color. The sequence of the hand printed fabric does not break anywhere in between and this is what makes the fabric important and famous.
The hand block printed fabric is prepared with different types of cloth,especially cotton. From the suit materials to the fully lined jackets for both the men and the women, the hand block print fabric are the rich threaded textured material.
The gross output fabric after the hand block printing is dried out carefully. The colors or the printing is based on the capillary actions and hence, the ink does not smudge. The hand block printing is also called as Kalamkari in different parts of India.
The hand block print fabric is done usually on linen, cotton or silk by the skilled craftsman in India.These incised wooden blocks create magical yet ornamental effects in beautiful designs of flowers, leaves, circles, dots and others.
The high artistic effects raise the cost of the fabric high because of the quality and the efforts, The block printed fabric is considered the choice of the rich as the designs and the patterns are very plain and subtle. Yet, these hand block print fabric by yard create a sophisticated image of the wearer.

Carrying the fashion with difference is an art made simple with available fabrics like these hand block printed ones. Build your impressions with differently made hand block printed fabrics.

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