Friday, May 13, 2016

The Richness of the Hand Block printed Fabric

The Hand Block printed Fabric has always been in demand from the ancient times. It should rather be put this way that the Hand block printing is a legendary work that makes for the rich and high demand.
With the classic and the royal appeal that the hand block print fabric has, it is about the colors that are too much soothing.
What is the hand block print?
The block printing is the process of applying the color to the fabric with the help of hand carved wooden blocks. These hand block printed fabric is manufactured in the way where the color is deeply bonded with the threads or the fiber of the cloth. The art of block print relates to the times immemorial, and has a great value attached to it.
What does the Block signify?
The hand block print fabric are specially handcrafted from the locals in Jaipur. The deep rooted art of making these blocks is incomparable. Each hand carved wood block is very much different from that of the other. The very efficient, skilled locals can make out any kind of a hand block.
The incised wooden blocks are carved carefully to create a unique and the similar pattern of print all across the fabric. The artistic results on the block printed fabric makes for its demand.
The hand block printed fabric is a rich art piece which has proven its importance since the time of kings and queens. The high quality and the neat hand block print fabric are very much preferred by the designers and the large warehouses.
Generally, perceived as a bold print, the block printed fabric does not confine in the small town markets. Both the cloth and the hand block print fabric, is one material that caters to the huge demands outside India.
It is because of the rich texture of the cloth, it is exported in good quantity. From the bed sheets , curtains, to throw pillow covers, and the chair covers the demand for the hand block print fabric by yard is unbeatable.
Not only this, the hand block print fabric by yard is used by the textile industries to manufacture the classiest of kurtis and sarees that have really high sales value. The cost of the fabric is in consideration to the effort of hand printing taken by the skilled and equipped craftsman.
The kurtis are manufactured for both men and women.The best part is that the product manufactured in different parts of India, are sold online as well.

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