Thursday, June 23, 2016

Shivalaya Jaipur: The Best Collection of Traditional hand block printed fabric Handcrafts

Shivalaya Jaipur is the manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of lifestyle, textiles and home decor products and accessories. Right from the wide array of men's lifestyle to women's products, Shivalaya Jaipur has it all.
If you're in search of one of the most diverse collections of handcrafted textiles and accessories, home decor wooden products, hand block print fabric, accessories and items like jackets, kurtas, carpets, coats, kurtis, bedsheets, bags, rugs and bedcovers, you're at the right place. The best quality Indian cotton fabric with colorful designs and prints are all provided by Shivalaya Jaipur at a very affordable prices. If you look at the product list, it is as follows.
Some Cherished Products for women Jackets, Kurtas, Kurtis, Coats, Capris, Pants, Shawls, Stoles, Shorts, Tops and many more. Some Unique Items for Men: Shirts, Kurtas, Pajamas, Pants, Jackets and Churidars
Shivalaya Jaipur is known for its superb collection of hand block print fabric. Hand block printed fabric by yard is one of the traditional items of Indian ethnic culture. It's a unique form of art. It has been popular not for now, but over the ages for its simplicity and distinguishing look. This form of fabric is not only renowned in various parts of India, but it has grown a wide importance across the different regions in the globe. And, Shivalaya Jaipur offers some of the eco-friendly block printed fabrics to its customers. The accuracy, minute, creative artwork done on each and every product and accessory is acknowledged by individuals across the world. It makes use of some wonderful handicraft strategy to impart originality to its products. Indian Fabrics, Kantha Designs, Wood Blocks and Block Prints are the specializations of Shivalaya. In the Kantha designs, one gets a variety of kantha scarves and different varieties of kantha quilts handmade bedspreads. Cotton scarves and Pareo Sarongs are some of the unique items of the Block Prints of the organization. Amidst the Indian Cotton Fabrics, you get a variety of Marble Prints and Hand block prints. Elephant Hand Block, Polka Dots, Zig Zag Blocks, Paisley Blocks and Floral Hand Blocks are some of the specific ones of the hand block printed fabric. Multi-colored, gray-colored and blue colored marble prints are the marble print fabrics offered by Shivalaya Jaipur. Paisley Hand crafted, round floral, small elephant and beautiful small motifs are some of the superb collections of the wood block stamps. Get a huge collection of creative handmade traditional items here.
So, if you want to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of life and gift some superb items to your loved ones, Shivalaya Jaipur is the option for you. Enjoy shopping.

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